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What is Phuket Andaman Horse Riding :


Phuket Andaman Horse Riding is  the first riding school in Phuket with the knowledge of the french riding schools.


Our Projects :


  • Most of our horses are rescued. Some of them have had a difficult life, some were used for tourist beach riding and were spending most of their time only in the stalls,  some others weren't feed properly and were really skinny when they arrived at our stable. We are doing everything we can to offer them a "horse life". Paddock access, proper horse food, clean water and caring.


  • We are working hard to offer to our customers a real experience with horses. It's not only about riding. We also believe in grooming, horsemanship, freedom exercice. Every way to train a horse is good to create a bond between "horse and rider". Our riders are learning step by step self-confidence, autonomy, knowledge, helping each other and respect.


  • We are also working hard to develop horse riding in Phuket. We are hoping that soon we will to be able to start competing in other Thai province with our riders. We are organizing event to bring our community closer and implement a rider network here.


  • Our goal is to have our horses healthy mentally and physically. To do so we are trying to bring them a good quality of life, caring, love and to train them in respect and softness. We believe by sharing our knowlegde we will make a change in the life of our rescued horses. We also believe that the "horse world" evoluate every day, so we welcome any one who wish to share with us their knowledge in any field.